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Patrimoine mondiale de l'UNESCO

In the north of Morocco, west of Fez, lies the beautiful city of Meknes – one of the oldest in the kingdom. Explore this historic city, dating from the Middle Ages.

Less tourist than Marrakech, Tangier or Casablanca, the city of Meknes nevertheless deserves to be known better. This city located in the north of Morocco has an exciting history and an impressive heritage.

Founded in the 11th century by the Almoravids, Meknes was a military city firstly, then became the capital of the kingdom, under the reign of the Alawite Moulay Ismaïl. It is he who will make Meknes a great city, rich and prosperous.

During the French presence in Morocco, Meknes was even nicknamed “Le Petit Paris” or the “Versailles of Morocco”.

Today, and since 1996, the entire city of Meknes is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It must be said that Meknes conceals many architectural treasures, many historic sites and hosts one of the events each year. the most important of Morocco: the fantasia festival.

Nicknamed “The city of a hundred minarets”, Meknes is famous for its superb mosques such as “The great mosque” (dating from the 11th century), but also for its gigantic ramparts, its gates, the Ksar Mansour palace, the Agdal Basin, the royal stables, the underground Prison of Cara, the Dar Jamaï Museum or the Moulay Ismaïl Mausoleum.

The city of Meknes is also located not far from the Roman ruins of Volubilis – another of the major historical sites of Morocco.

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