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Marrakesh is the first tourist destination of Morocco. This magical imperial city has always been, since its foundation in 1070 by the Almoravid dynasty, the metropolis of the great South. Marrakesh was very famous that the entire country of Morocco was named after it until the end of the 19th century. The heart of the city, surrounded by its ramparts, contains the medina, a veritable labyrinth of narrow alleys where one will be delighted to get lost.

In April 2015, as a consecration, the famous “TripAdvisor” site ranked Marrakesh as number 1 world destination, according to millions of votes.
The pearl of the south, upon arrival, we are taken by the contrast of colors: the city, its pink adobe walls, its walls covered with bougainvillea from which arise bouquets of palm trees and greenery, grandiose decor on the background of snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas, under a bright blue sky which announces the true nature of Marrakesh. The city is a luxuriant oasis, perpetually sunny, from which the floral scents of jasmine or orange blossom emanate from the freshness of the gardens.

Inside the ramparts, in the striped shade of the sun, in the teeming alleys of its medina, there is intense activity, punctuated by calls, bursts of voice, bright colors, scents of cedar wood and spices. The sounds, colors and smells respond to each other to compose an astonishing symphony.

Marrakesh, a mythical city, cultural capital, inspiring artists, fashions and events: Marrakesh art galleries, festivals, exhibitions; Marrakesh “people” with its celebrities, its luxurious palaces and its trendy nights; Marrakesh, the tourist capital for more than a century, offers a skilful balance between treasures of the past and the permanent energy of living cultures.

Yes, Marrakesh is unforgettable. We come back to it, and each stay holds new discoveries. Some have never even left …

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