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la première ville orientale au Maroc

Fez or Fez is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca and Rabat, and it is one of the four imperial cities of this country with Rabat, Meknes and Marrakech.
It was in 789 that Ìdriss I founded Madinat Fas, on the right bank of the Fas river. In 808, his son Idris II founded al-Aliya, the “upper town” on the other bank of the wadi. Located at the crossroads of major caravan routes, Fez quickly became an important city whose Mérinide dynasty made its capital at the end of the 13th century.

The Quaraouiyine university mosque, founded in the 9th century, was one of the most important spiritual and cultural centers of the time. Its influence is felt even in the schools of Islamic Spain and beyond to Europe and it is known to be the oldest university in the world.

Fez is the first eastern city in Morocco, and it has the largest medina in the world, which makes it one of the capitals of the Arab-Muslim civilization. The medina or old town, is a model example of an eastern town, and was placed under the protection of UNESCO in 1976, it has remained unchanged since the 12th century.

Intellectual capital, Fez is also an economic capital renowned for the know-how of its craftsmen and its merchants. Its labyrinth alleys lead to a multitude of historical wonders and souks. The souks are full of victuals of all kinds or shelter various trades, an old caravanserai beautifully restored houses a Wood Museum where cedars and argan trees transform into sumptuous doors, chests and carved shelves. The Museum of Moroccan Arts is located between Fès el-Bali and Fès el-Jedid. There is a remarkable collection of pottery from different cities and different eras.

In recent decades, tourism has grown steadily, reaching 1 million visitors per year, and has become an important economic factor. Fez offers cultural events such as the Fes Festival of Sacred World Music during June each year. Many foreigners have settled in Fez and have opened luxurious guesthouses or Riad, which often offer panoramic views of the medina. The Riad de Fès is the ideal place for business or relaxation stays with unforgettable thalassotherapy sessions.

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