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Valeur universelle exceptionnelle

The outside of the medina is home to the daily’s markets, shops, administrations, schools and shops of Asilah, but inside it is a whole different spirit.

As soon as you cross the main door of the Medina, drawings on the walls will attract attention, pure masterpieces signed by artists from here and around the world.

The further we go, the more we dive into the authentic world of Asilah, with its small white houses, its artisan shops, the smells of traditional dishes that escape from houses and restaurants.

Follow the footsteps of passers-by and tourists, until you arrive at Coraça, also called Borj al-Bhar, where you have a magnificent view of the Atlantic.

A group of gnawa will make you live the atmosphere on demand for only a few dirhams. One thing is for sure Asilah, this authentic little town will not leave you bored.

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